Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Prompt Practise 4

Characters:  Jason, Elizabeth mum and dad.
Setting the seen: At the park.
Problem: Jason get bit.

Once upon a time there were two young children that were living with there mum and dad. They were planning to go to the park so they could have a picnic. So they all packed their stuff and headed off to the park.

Once they got there they unpacked their stuff and they set it up. But before they started eating Jason and Elizabeth mum and dad laid down together under a tree and Jason and Elizabeth ran off to play on the playground. Then they decided to play hide and seak. First they played paper rock scissors to see who was gonna stay behind and count while the other one went and hide. They played but then Jason won so Elizabeth had to count. So Jason ran off and hided behind the trees then when Elizabeth finished counting she shouted out loud “Ready or not here I come”. Then Elisabeth looked all over the park and Jason was no where to be found. So she went and looked behind the trees. Then as soon as she went she heard Jason shout out “Elizabeth come quick”. As soon as she heard Jason she ran in the direction Jason voice was coming from. Then she said to Jason “what wrong” and Jason replied back to Elizabeth whispering “shhh look then Elizabeth looked. It was something they have never seen before. When Jason reached in to touch it the strange creature turned around and bit Jason hand and Jason collapsed. As soon as she saw Jason fall to the ground she ran straight to her parents and she told them to come fast once Elizabeth and her parents got there they called the ambulance to come quickly. Then they took Jason to hospital. Then when they got in they laid him on top off the bed and then they done something to him. Also his parents were standing outside the room he was in crying and worried

Then one of the doctors came out off the room and said Jason was gonna be alright. Also they but that strange animal into the zoo in his own little room. After that they all went home to a wonderful dinner.

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