Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cultural Day!

On Friday the 22nd of November we had to show our presentation that me and my group were learning about to our class and the rest of the syndicate. Our class was learning about South America. Miss G separated our class into groups, my group was learning about Colombia.

We started the day with a mass for the Syndicate. After the mass we went out and we went and got our pencils to mark room 7 while they were doing their presentations. Room 7 started with showing their presentations first to us. I liked their presentation because they were not nervous but the only thing was that they did not know their words off by heart. After room 7 we got to go out to morning tea.

After morning tea the whole Syndicate had to line up outside of our class to come and watch us do our presentations. I was feeling nervous standing up in front of room 7 and room 6 and part of room 3. But luckily me and my group went last so that we could have time to practise. The first group that went first in our class was Peru. My opinion about their presentation was that it was good because I liked how the slides changed and I did not know anything about it until they showed us.

When it came to me and my groups turn we stood up and we walked towards the front of the classroom. We started of with a welcome then Ma’ata said something about Colombia’s traditional dance. Kanesini said  Colombia’s Favorite sport was Cycling and Football and Rosrine said stuff about Colombia’s clothing. It was getting closer and closer to my turn. Victoria had her turn explaining how to make food in Colombia. Suddenly it was my turn I was nervous at the same time as feeling alright because instead of the teachers marking it the whole syndicate was marking me and my group. I said my part which was about what languages Colombian’s speak. Colombia's main language is Spanish. After I said my part it was JT’s turn and he was talking about the environment in Colombia.

We all did really well and we were very proud of ourselves at the end of our presentation.  

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Typing Test Term 4...

On term two this year I got 59 and in term 4 I got 59 which was sad because I did not improve. But next time we do the typing test I am going to do better.

Comparing Communion Of Saints.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Touch Training.

I am looking forward to playing Touch also looking forward to the skills we are going to learn.

I am expecting to play some games then get on with what we are going to learn.

I think we are doing it to learn how to play Touch properly and learn the right rules for touch.

What I think we will see is cones, balls and the Touch New Zealand team there to teach us how to play Touch properly.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Film Festival 2013

On a lovely, beautiful, sunny morning St Pius X Catholic School was going on a trip to Sylvia Park Hoyts. The reason we went there was because it was like a Festival where all of the schools from the Manaiakalani Cluster had to make a little movie close to the end of the year and we show it to other schools. The schools in the Manaiakalani Cluster were St Pius, St Patricks, Glen Innes Primary school, Panmure Bridge and Pt England and some other schools.

Our school had four movies shown to other schools one was from room 3 and room 6 and two other were from room 7 and the junior school.

When the bus finally arrived at the bottom of the hill we had to go first into the bus. There were two buses that had to take us to Sylvia Park Hoyts. I was feeling excited because the chairs were comfortable and we got to see all the other movies that the other schools prepared for us and they got to see the short movie we had prepared for them to watch. When I got told to sit down by my teacher I got to sit next to a student from Glen Innes Primary. When we sat down Mr Coakley came on stage and started to say something. We had to wait a little while because they were setting things up. When it started our film came up first but before that Patrick and Alecia said something to present our movie. Our movie was about success and it was fun. The two movies I liked the most were St Patrick’s movie because the magical teacher can tell where you were and what that little boy was doing and I also liked the room 7 song about friends, I enjoyed their song that they wrote all by themselves.

After all of that we had to go out of the Hoyts and we had to line up and walk back to our bus that was waiting for us. We went back to school in time and had our morning tea for 10 minutes.

The only sad thing is we did not get to watch all of the movies because there were other schools that needed to watch some movies but it was fun and some of them were funny.

St Patrick.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Prompt Practise 4

Characters:  Jason, Elizabeth mum and dad.
Setting the seen: At the park.
Problem: Jason get bit.

Once upon a time there were two young children that were living with there mum and dad. They were planning to go to the park so they could have a picnic. So they all packed their stuff and headed off to the park.

Once they got there they unpacked their stuff and they set it up. But before they started eating Jason and Elizabeth mum and dad laid down together under a tree and Jason and Elizabeth ran off to play on the playground. Then they decided to play hide and seak. First they played paper rock scissors to see who was gonna stay behind and count while the other one went and hide. They played but then Jason won so Elizabeth had to count. So Jason ran off and hided behind the trees then when Elizabeth finished counting she shouted out loud “Ready or not here I come”. Then Elisabeth looked all over the park and Jason was no where to be found. So she went and looked behind the trees. Then as soon as she went she heard Jason shout out “Elizabeth come quick”. As soon as she heard Jason she ran in the direction Jason voice was coming from. Then she said to Jason “what wrong” and Jason replied back to Elizabeth whispering “shhh look then Elizabeth looked. It was something they have never seen before. When Jason reached in to touch it the strange creature turned around and bit Jason hand and Jason collapsed. As soon as she saw Jason fall to the ground she ran straight to her parents and she told them to come fast once Elizabeth and her parents got there they called the ambulance to come quickly. Then they took Jason to hospital. Then when they got in they laid him on top off the bed and then they done something to him. Also his parents were standing outside the room he was in crying and worried

Then one of the doctors came out off the room and said Jason was gonna be alright. Also they but that strange animal into the zoo in his own little room. After that they all went home to a wonderful dinner.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Prompt Practise 2

On a lovely sunny day there were plenty of families that were planing to go to the beach on a very hot day. But there was a man that did not have kids or a wife. His name was Thomas.
Also there was a little girl called Lisa and she was 7 years old and she did not know how to swim. She went with her family to the beach. Once they got there they could see hundreds of people laying on top off the sand and some in the beach having a swim.

They hopped out and they ran and set up something for them to lay on the sand. But the only thing is that Lisa had to go for a swim with her life jacket on. But she ran into the beach without noticing she did not have her life jacket on. She ran and she hopped and dived into the beach. That is when she realized that she did not have her life jacket on. She tried to swim to the top to call out for help but she couldn't then luckily Thomas saw a small hand popping up and going down in the beach. Then Thomas ran and he jumped in and he swam as fast as he could towards the hands. Just at the same time her parents were wondering where Lisa was. Then as soon as Thomas got there he grabbed Lisa and ragged her out. Lisa started to cough out beach water. Then as soon as Lisa parents found out they ran to Lisa as fast as they could. Then Lisa parents started to thank Thomas for saving Lisa.          

Then they all went out to dinner together with all smiles on their face knowing that Thomas saved Lisa.