Monday, November 18, 2013

Film Festival 2013

On a lovely, beautiful, sunny morning St Pius X Catholic School was going on a trip to Sylvia Park Hoyts. The reason we went there was because it was like a Festival where all of the schools from the Manaiakalani Cluster had to make a little movie close to the end of the year and we show it to other schools. The schools in the Manaiakalani Cluster were St Pius, St Patricks, Glen Innes Primary school, Panmure Bridge and Pt England and some other schools.

Our school had four movies shown to other schools one was from room 3 and room 6 and two other were from room 7 and the junior school.

When the bus finally arrived at the bottom of the hill we had to go first into the bus. There were two buses that had to take us to Sylvia Park Hoyts. I was feeling excited because the chairs were comfortable and we got to see all the other movies that the other schools prepared for us and they got to see the short movie we had prepared for them to watch. When I got told to sit down by my teacher I got to sit next to a student from Glen Innes Primary. When we sat down Mr Coakley came on stage and started to say something. We had to wait a little while because they were setting things up. When it started our film came up first but before that Patrick and Alecia said something to present our movie. Our movie was about success and it was fun. The two movies I liked the most were St Patrick’s movie because the magical teacher can tell where you were and what that little boy was doing and I also liked the room 7 song about friends, I enjoyed their song that they wrote all by themselves.

After all of that we had to go out of the Hoyts and we had to line up and walk back to our bus that was waiting for us. We went back to school in time and had our morning tea for 10 minutes.

The only sad thing is we did not get to watch all of the movies because there were other schools that needed to watch some movies but it was fun and some of them were funny.

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