Wednesday, August 21, 2013

X Country.

Wow! on a lovely, sunny day I woke up with the lovely sun shining through the window down on me. I was getting ready to go to school. Once I got to school everyone was going on about cross country. I thought it was practice but it was not it was the real day. It happened at St Pius X Catholic School and it was on Tuesday the 13th of August. The whole of St Pius X Catholic School had to run the course but the little children ran around the field. It happened after launch time. The parents came to support their children with their running by cheering for them. Also we had some St Mary’s College girls come and help with the cross country.

So after lunch some of us were excited and some of us were nervous. We all lined up at where we normally line up in the morning when the bell rings. Miss G was giving us advice to do with the cross country. We went into the courts then Miss G called the twelve and thirteen year olds to come to the start line which was in front of the office. She was holding a pair of blocks in her hand and the boys went to the back line and the girls in the front. Miss G said “on your marks, get set, go”. They all started off with a nice and slow jog. They went off onto the road and Miss G called the eleven year olds up. I was very nervous because I was eleven and when we went up to the start line my heart was beating faster than it normally does. I heard Miss G’s voice saying “on your marks, get set, go”. We all started off with a nice a slow pace just like the twelve year olds. Down we went down the driveway and onto the footpath, jogging nice and slow. We ran past some beautiful trees then we came up to some of the St Mary’s College girls and Miss Hogans, they were holding flags and wearing reflective jackets. When I got up to Miss Hogans I was puffing and sweating heaps. I ran passed some of the St Mary's girls and they were saying “come on, you are doing good, keep it up”. I tried to skip some of the course and I did. I then began to ran and came to a no exit with Miss Mafu and some more St Mary's girl’s then we ran round the no exit street. We just had to run straight then we had to turn left then we just had to run straight that when we could see Mr Coakley that meant I was nearly on my second lap but when I was going to go on my second lap Mr Coakley told me to go back up. I went back up puffing and sweating from the running.

Finally got to the end once I passed the finish line I had to go t Miss Williams and she asked me “what did you come?” I replied “I must have come last because I couldn’t finish the race”. Then I went to the court and sat down. Waiting for the other runners to run up the driveway. Once all of them got into the courts that when it was the little children turn to do their cross country so we sat there and supported them just as they did to us.

Cross country was very fun and tiring but the only thing I was sad about is that I did not come 1s, 2nd or 3rd. But for next time I will try my best to come in one of those three places.  


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Assumption.

We celebrate the Assumption because Mary’s body was taken up to heaven not like us because when we die our soul get taken up to heaven not our body. Some people say that she died then the whole body got taken up to Heaven but other people thought that Mary went to sleep and God took her up to Heaven. Mary’s Heavenly Birthday is on the 15 of August. Pope Pius declared it be true that Mary’s body went up to heaven.  

Friday, August 9, 2013

Camping Holiday

Once there was a family that were going on a holiday at the bush that was far away from the city. They weren't allowed to take the t.v and they weren't allowed to take cell phones because they wanted it to be peaceful.

The only thing they took was boxes of tinned food, fishing rod and the gas cooker and a soccer ball and a cricket bat to play with. They put everything they needed into to the car because they would not be coming back if anything is left behind. They double checked if anything was ready. Dad checked if the sleeping bags were in the car, but they did not notice that the tent was not packed.

They took everything out and they set it up. That was when they noticed that the tent was not there. So they rolled their sleeping bag and everything else back up and put it into the car and they went all the way back home, the children were very happy to be going back to their TV at home.  

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Worshipping God.

We can worship God in plenty of ways but mostly I worship God by going to church every Sunday.

Some people do the same as me by going to church. How you worship God by going to church is
to have a quite time and to talk to him.

We go to church because we go to sing and worship him and thank him. We also have to do good things not bad things. You could also pray to him to thank him for what he has done or ask him to help you with something you are struggling with in life.

You go to church and you have a seat. You have to obey him mostly have respect for one another especially when you are in church. You have to try and show as much virtues as you can when your in Gods house.