Friday, August 9, 2013

Camping Holiday

Once there was a family that were going on a holiday at the bush that was far away from the city. They weren't allowed to take the t.v and they weren't allowed to take cell phones because they wanted it to be peaceful.

The only thing they took was boxes of tinned food, fishing rod and the gas cooker and a soccer ball and a cricket bat to play with. They put everything they needed into to the car because they would not be coming back if anything is left behind. They double checked if anything was ready. Dad checked if the sleeping bags were in the car, but they did not notice that the tent was not packed.

They took everything out and they set it up. That was when they noticed that the tent was not there. So they rolled their sleeping bag and everything else back up and put it into the car and they went all the way back home, the children were very happy to be going back to their TV at home.  

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