Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Identity

My Identity is what makes ME who I am. It is what I do and where I belong. My identity makes me special and unique. We did this because it was part of our inquiry and our inquiry was embracing others and if we can't embrace others we can't embrace ourselves

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Online Vocabulary

e-Learning Vocabulary:

URL -  Address of a website.

Blog - Somewhere you can share your work.

Post - Sharing something to your blog.

Comment - Is saying something nice to one another on their work.

Wireless - Connecting to the internet .

Email - Messaging someone or getting messages.

Username - My name on my account.

Password -  A secret code just for me.

Screenshot - Taking a picture.

Desktop - The main screen on my netbook.


Pt. 4 No. 1 , 2008

1) Put a word that means to same as the bolded word from the
   Thesaurus in the space.

I knelt beside/ next to Diggity.  He made no effort/Attempt to get up.  His neck was a pulpy mass/pile of blood, and his rib cage rose and fell unevenly/not equal.  Dad scooped/dug him up into his arms and staggered/unsteadily walked up the beach.  Mum and Lucy were already in the car with the hatch/boot up and engine running.  The vet said Diggity had lost heaps/lots of blood.  The outlook/future wasn’t good.  When the phone rang/went off later that evening, nobody was in a hurry to answer/reply to it.  But Diggity did survive.

2) Write a short paragraph to the author about what you thought of
   her story.
This story that I just finish reading was very awesome  

Monday, February 18, 2013

Holiday recount

On a sunny, lovely Saturday morning I woke up and went and brushed my teeth and washed my face. My mum shouted out if we wanted to go pools to celebrate my big brothers birthday and we all shouted back “yes”. We went and packed our togs and he headed off for the pools.

Finally we arrived at the pools and my mum paid for us all and we ran into the changing room and changed into our togs and we all got into the pool. I touched the water and I shouted out “the water is very cold” but then I just dived in and the water went splash. My big brother shouted out “heads” while he was going to chuck the ball over my head to my sister.

My brother and my sister started playing chucks while I was going down the waterslide. Once I got to the end I ran to my brothers where they were swimming and I dived in the we had a race swimming. Suddenly my mum said “on your marks, get set, go”. We all started off as fast as we could but when we go to the end of the pool my mum was shouting to us “swim, swim” but my big brother won then my sister then me.  

After that we took off to the changing room and we took off our togs then we all came back from the changing room and my mum said if we wanted her to go and buy us something to eat and we all replied back “yes mum”.  With our tummies grumbling we were pleased to get some food. After all that fun we had in the pools my mum took us K.F.C. Finally we all went back home and we all took a nice good long nap in our comfortable beds.

Silly Story

Once upon a time on a very wonderful Saturday morning there lived a man called Gingerbread and he had shovels just incase he found the treasure. He had been looking for this treasure for thousands of years but the treasure was buried deep next to a library a long time ago. It was very old and very rusty but he did have one thing that could help him to the treasure, he had a map. Even though he was old, he was fit, but he was really dumb and he could not read the map, he had he tried and tried but he needed help.

He started on his adventure and on the way he meet a teenage boy called Joseph. Joseph was a very clever teenage boy and Gingerbread asked Joseph for some help. Joseph replied back “sure, show me what you are struggling with”. Gingerbread showed him the map and he said “this is what i'm struggling with”. Joseph started to show Gingerbread how to read the map and they started to follow it. They were puffing and their faces were all red which means they were tired but they were in site of the library. They both looked at the map and the library was right in front of them so they ran until they got there.

Finally they got there and Gingerbread got out the shovels and they both started digging. When Gingerbread hit this metal thing Gingerbread shouted out “I think I found the treasure” they both got rid of the dust that was on top of the treasure and the treasure was right in front of them. They both lifted it up out of the hole and they were both so happy.

Once they had opened it they saw there was so much treasure that they went halfsies on it, they were like the richest men the planet.  After that they went and spent it on stuff that they wanted, but before they did that they went home and had a nice good long sleep on there coftherble warm soft beds.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Our School Motto

Advance means like a student looking forward to what he is going to do and the steps he is going to go on next.

Faith means to trust in something also Faith means to believe in something

Hope means achieving your goals.  

Love means to respect something.