Monday, February 18, 2013

Holiday recount

On a sunny, lovely Saturday morning I woke up and went and brushed my teeth and washed my face. My mum shouted out if we wanted to go pools to celebrate my big brothers birthday and we all shouted back “yes”. We went and packed our togs and he headed off for the pools.

Finally we arrived at the pools and my mum paid for us all and we ran into the changing room and changed into our togs and we all got into the pool. I touched the water and I shouted out “the water is very cold” but then I just dived in and the water went splash. My big brother shouted out “heads” while he was going to chuck the ball over my head to my sister.

My brother and my sister started playing chucks while I was going down the waterslide. Once I got to the end I ran to my brothers where they were swimming and I dived in the we had a race swimming. Suddenly my mum said “on your marks, get set, go”. We all started off as fast as we could but when we go to the end of the pool my mum was shouting to us “swim, swim” but my big brother won then my sister then me.  

After that we took off to the changing room and we took off our togs then we all came back from the changing room and my mum said if we wanted her to go and buy us something to eat and we all replied back “yes mum”.  With our tummies grumbling we were pleased to get some food. After all that fun we had in the pools my mum took us K.F.C. Finally we all went back home and we all took a nice good long nap in our comfortable beds.

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