Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kids For Kids Rehearsal...

On a lovely sunny day we got to go on a trip to Life Convention in Centre, Mangere. We got there by going on a bus. We went there because he had the rehearsal for the Kids for Kids. What we did is that we just sang  heaps of songs, we had to sing around 20 song’s.

We because we have been practicing for nearly whole two terms. There was a man called Chris, he was the one that called the schools up one by one from tallest to shortest or it would be from shortest to tallest. We practiced with 15 different schools. It was a big stadium with a big stage for us to sit on and sing our songs. Also we had our music teacher Miss Carter come with her other school Santa Maria and we had Jackie Clark and Nathan King sing along with us. Tokilupe and Rosalina went to try out for the soloists. Tokilupe did not make it in but she still had a part when her and other people from other schools had to dance in a song called ‘She’s a Mod’. The good part was that Rosalina made it in, she got to sing with another girl from another school, we got to hear all the soloists sing. While we were practicing our songs Chris put some actions into it, also Nathan King and Jackie Clark helped him. For some songs they did not put some action in.

Our school had to sit on the benches which were uncomfortable. Halfway through our practice we got to have a break. The moment I stood up I had a big stretch and we got to go eat our lunch. We had to leave some of our lunch behind at school because we were going to come back and eat the rest of it. During lunch time Miss Denney asked us if we were good we would get a surprise back at school.

Once we got back on stage we had to sit back in the same rows that we were at during the first half. We had to finish the other half of our rehearsal. During this time we got to hear the soloists sing. Some off the soloists were amazing from the other 15 schools.  And we also got to see Maata and Tokilupe dance to she’s a mode. Also we got to see Stephenie dance to a maori song called poi e. It was fun because we got to see other boy’s from other’s school’s break dance.
Once we finished practicing all the Kids for Kids song we got to go back to school in the same. When We got to school we got ice blocks as our surprise as our gift for being good. also we go to play around outside because we did not play around outside for the whole day.

It was a very awesome day for room 3 when we went to the rehearsal for the kids for kids. Some part were funny. My favorite part was when we done the actions it was kind of fun doing it.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Total Well Being.

Matthew 25:36
Physical: Having a healthy body.

Social: Having Family and Friend support you.

Mental: Being able to tell others how you think and feel.

Spiritual well being: For Christians to be able to believe in God and live by the Values.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Kids for Kids Rehearsal.

Last Friday we got to go on a trip to the Life Convention Centre in Mangere. We have been practising for two whole terms and here we go the night has come. We went there to learn our songs for the Kids for Kids which was that Friday night. We had a Rehearsal to practice for that night and it was awesome for room three at the rehearsal. Also we had four of our class mates go and do a solo for the Kids for Kids.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Filming Reflection

Room 3 had to do a film for the manaiakalani Film Festival. Our film is called Success. What we did in our film was we got separated into groups. I was the director so I got to edit the movie with my teacher Miss G. And the actors were Kanesini, Rosrine, Ma’ata and Victoria was the main actor. What me and my group did for our film was that we did achieving goals. We just had to make a storyboard first then when Miss G checked it we got to finally film. I liked it because we all got to think about something and share it with each other. The only thing I was sad about was that I was not in it because I was the Director.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Maths Reflection

I love maths because I like learning fractions and all sorts of things but I like learning my basic facts the best. Today in maths I went and learned my basic facts by going onto Xtra maths. Also I went on maths whizz this morning. What we do on maths whizz is that we get to learn all sort of maths, also we practice our maths skills. We have to listen to the tutor and then they will give us a little test at the end of it. I am on stage 4 for fractions.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

St Pius X Feast Day.

On a lovely sunny morning I woke up and looked up at the sky and the sun was shining very bright down on me. It was St Pius X feast day. I went to school knowing that we were going to have a whole school mass to begin the day, also knowing it was going to be a very long day.

We had our family come along to our whole school mass. We had it inside our school church. After we finished our mass with the beautiful songs we sang we went into the hall to eat a cake to celebrate the feast day of St Pius X. Once the cutted the cake we all clapped.Then the teachers and some room 7 Student delivered the food to us. Finally some of the classes went out off the hall that when I could get some fresh air because I was squashed by room seven and room six. Then we went out off the hall going to get our lunch for morning tea. After morning tea we all lined up in front off room six just as we do in the morning line up. We lined up because we had to go to the hall to show our talent and to  watch the other people show their talent. Once it came up to our turn I was very nervous standing up there because everyone was staring at me and the rest of the class. We were going to perform to song’s which were Something in the water and Haere Mai. After we did that I wasn't nervous because we weren't standing up in front of the school. Once it finished we went out for lunch.

After launch we had to line up in front of room six again because we had to go back into the hall because Linda a friend of Mrs Logan's daughter. She was going to played an instrument in front of our school and the instrument was called a euphonium. When I saw it I thought it was a trumpet.