Wednesday, September 4, 2013

St Pius X Feast Day.

On a lovely sunny morning I woke up and looked up at the sky and the sun was shining very bright down on me. It was St Pius X feast day. I went to school knowing that we were going to have a whole school mass to begin the day, also knowing it was going to be a very long day.

We had our family come along to our whole school mass. We had it inside our school church. After we finished our mass with the beautiful songs we sang we went into the hall to eat a cake to celebrate the feast day of St Pius X. Once the cutted the cake we all clapped.Then the teachers and some room 7 Student delivered the food to us. Finally some of the classes went out off the hall that when I could get some fresh air because I was squashed by room seven and room six. Then we went out off the hall going to get our lunch for morning tea. After morning tea we all lined up in front off room six just as we do in the morning line up. We lined up because we had to go to the hall to show our talent and to  watch the other people show their talent. Once it came up to our turn I was very nervous standing up there because everyone was staring at me and the rest of the class. We were going to perform to song’s which were Something in the water and Haere Mai. After we did that I wasn't nervous because we weren't standing up in front of the school. Once it finished we went out for lunch.

After launch we had to line up in front of room six again because we had to go back into the hall because Linda a friend of Mrs Logan's daughter. She was going to played an instrument in front of our school and the instrument was called a euphonium. When I saw it I thought it was a trumpet.

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I like your work because you are tailing us about the lovely morning

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