Friday, October 25, 2013

The Fighting Tournament.

Thank you Jam Bus team.

Dear Jam Bus Team,

Thank you Sam and Hugh for making the time to come and record St Pius X Catholic School’s songs that we practiced. I'd like to thank the Jam Bus team again for making our CD’s and paying for everything. We felt so excited because for most of us this was the first time being recorded.

Yours sincerely, Misiotei.            

Friday, October 18, 2013


On a lovely sunny day on the first day off school back from the holidays we had a new kiwi sport that I and some off my classmate have not heard off and I wondered what it was.
Then I found out it was called squash. The time we had to be there was after morning tea which was 11 o'clock and we finished at 11.45. Once we got there they introduced their self to us.One off there names were Phil and the other one was Michael.

The first thing we had to do was sit down and watch Phil and Michael show us how to play by versing each other and telling us to tell them who won. Then they told us the rules for squash. After they taught us the rules and how to play Phil splitted us into two groups. We got to chose which one we wanted to do first and the options were learn skills or play squash me and my group chose skills. So we Phil took us and we gathered around in a small group and he told us to watch him and what ever he told us to do we had to try it out and Michael took the other group and played squash.

Then the next day Phil and Michael bought a real squash ball and they showed it to us when it was our turn. And we played king of the ring. What we did is Phil showed us courts that we could go to and then we all splitted up. There were 5 courts the lowest one was were you had to just do skills and the two top person had to go up a court and the two lowest had to go down a court. I was in court two with some other off my classmate. When it was my turn the first thing that came two my head was that I would not be tired at the end. But at the end I was exhausted. Also after that Miss G showed us a video clip off two player playing squash. And we saw that we had to goggles. Also the wall all around them was white so they could see the little black ball

Finally it was our last day of squash which was sad. We done the same thing as we done that day before. But the different thing was that we walked into the hall and we saw there were tables and benches lined up across the back of the squash court. We used that as the white window that the real squash players use. After all of that we had to say goodbye to Michael and Phil because it was I last day which was kind of sad but I enjoyed it and I hope the rest off my classmate did.