Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kids For Kids Rehearsal...

On a lovely sunny day we got to go on a trip to Life Convention in Centre, Mangere. We got there by going on a bus. We went there because he had the rehearsal for the Kids for Kids. What we did is that we just sang  heaps of songs, we had to sing around 20 song’s.

We because we have been practicing for nearly whole two terms. There was a man called Chris, he was the one that called the schools up one by one from tallest to shortest or it would be from shortest to tallest. We practiced with 15 different schools. It was a big stadium with a big stage for us to sit on and sing our songs. Also we had our music teacher Miss Carter come with her other school Santa Maria and we had Jackie Clark and Nathan King sing along with us. Tokilupe and Rosalina went to try out for the soloists. Tokilupe did not make it in but she still had a part when her and other people from other schools had to dance in a song called ‘She’s a Mod’. The good part was that Rosalina made it in, she got to sing with another girl from another school, we got to hear all the soloists sing. While we were practicing our songs Chris put some actions into it, also Nathan King and Jackie Clark helped him. For some songs they did not put some action in.

Our school had to sit on the benches which were uncomfortable. Halfway through our practice we got to have a break. The moment I stood up I had a big stretch and we got to go eat our lunch. We had to leave some of our lunch behind at school because we were going to come back and eat the rest of it. During lunch time Miss Denney asked us if we were good we would get a surprise back at school.

Once we got back on stage we had to sit back in the same rows that we were at during the first half. We had to finish the other half of our rehearsal. During this time we got to hear the soloists sing. Some off the soloists were amazing from the other 15 schools.  And we also got to see Maata and Tokilupe dance to she’s a mode. Also we got to see Stephenie dance to a maori song called poi e. It was fun because we got to see other boy’s from other’s school’s break dance.
Once we finished practicing all the Kids for Kids song we got to go back to school in the same. When We got to school we got ice blocks as our surprise as our gift for being good. also we go to play around outside because we did not play around outside for the whole day.

It was a very awesome day for room 3 when we went to the rehearsal for the kids for kids. Some part were funny. My favorite part was when we done the actions it was kind of fun doing it.

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