Monday, February 18, 2013

Silly Story

Once upon a time on a very wonderful Saturday morning there lived a man called Gingerbread and he had shovels just incase he found the treasure. He had been looking for this treasure for thousands of years but the treasure was buried deep next to a library a long time ago. It was very old and very rusty but he did have one thing that could help him to the treasure, he had a map. Even though he was old, he was fit, but he was really dumb and he could not read the map, he had he tried and tried but he needed help.

He started on his adventure and on the way he meet a teenage boy called Joseph. Joseph was a very clever teenage boy and Gingerbread asked Joseph for some help. Joseph replied back “sure, show me what you are struggling with”. Gingerbread showed him the map and he said “this is what i'm struggling with”. Joseph started to show Gingerbread how to read the map and they started to follow it. They were puffing and their faces were all red which means they were tired but they were in site of the library. They both looked at the map and the library was right in front of them so they ran until they got there.

Finally they got there and Gingerbread got out the shovels and they both started digging. When Gingerbread hit this metal thing Gingerbread shouted out “I think I found the treasure” they both got rid of the dust that was on top of the treasure and the treasure was right in front of them. They both lifted it up out of the hole and they were both so happy.

Once they had opened it they saw there was so much treasure that they went halfsies on it, they were like the richest men the planet.  After that they went and spent it on stuff that they wanted, but before they did that they went home and had a nice good long sleep on there coftherble warm soft beds.

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