Monday, November 4, 2013

Prompt Practise 2

On a lovely sunny day there were plenty of families that were planing to go to the beach on a very hot day. But there was a man that did not have kids or a wife. His name was Thomas.
Also there was a little girl called Lisa and she was 7 years old and she did not know how to swim. She went with her family to the beach. Once they got there they could see hundreds of people laying on top off the sand and some in the beach having a swim.

They hopped out and they ran and set up something for them to lay on the sand. But the only thing is that Lisa had to go for a swim with her life jacket on. But she ran into the beach without noticing she did not have her life jacket on. She ran and she hopped and dived into the beach. That is when she realized that she did not have her life jacket on. She tried to swim to the top to call out for help but she couldn't then luckily Thomas saw a small hand popping up and going down in the beach. Then Thomas ran and he jumped in and he swam as fast as he could towards the hands. Just at the same time her parents were wondering where Lisa was. Then as soon as Thomas got there he grabbed Lisa and ragged her out. Lisa started to cough out beach water. Then as soon as Lisa parents found out they ran to Lisa as fast as they could. Then Lisa parents started to thank Thomas for saving Lisa.          

Then they all went out to dinner together with all smiles on their face knowing that Thomas saved Lisa.

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Miss G said...

Great to see the structure of a narrative here Misiotei. Prehaps try to use come more interesting sentence starters next time and show your ability with punctuation by putting some speaking into your writing.

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