Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cultural Day!

On Friday the 22nd of November we had to show our presentation that me and my group were learning about to our class and the rest of the syndicate. Our class was learning about South America. Miss G separated our class into groups, my group was learning about Colombia.

We started the day with a mass for the Syndicate. After the mass we went out and we went and got our pencils to mark room 7 while they were doing their presentations. Room 7 started with showing their presentations first to us. I liked their presentation because they were not nervous but the only thing was that they did not know their words off by heart. After room 7 we got to go out to morning tea.

After morning tea the whole Syndicate had to line up outside of our class to come and watch us do our presentations. I was feeling nervous standing up in front of room 7 and room 6 and part of room 3. But luckily me and my group went last so that we could have time to practise. The first group that went first in our class was Peru. My opinion about their presentation was that it was good because I liked how the slides changed and I did not know anything about it until they showed us.

When it came to me and my groups turn we stood up and we walked towards the front of the classroom. We started of with a welcome then Ma’ata said something about Colombia’s traditional dance. Kanesini said  Colombia’s Favorite sport was Cycling and Football and Rosrine said stuff about Colombia’s clothing. It was getting closer and closer to my turn. Victoria had her turn explaining how to make food in Colombia. Suddenly it was my turn I was nervous at the same time as feeling alright because instead of the teachers marking it the whole syndicate was marking me and my group. I said my part which was about what languages Colombian’s speak. Colombia's main language is Spanish. After I said my part it was JT’s turn and he was talking about the environment in Colombia.

We all did really well and we were very proud of ourselves at the end of our presentation.  

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