Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pigeon Impossible.

Plot: There once was a man walking on the road with his suitcase and his name was Walter and he was a Secret Agent. He nearly bumped into a tree with his donut. After that he sat down on a bench and a Pigeon came and stood next to him for the donut.
After that he broke a little bit and gave it to the Pigeon but the Pigeon wanted the whole donut to himself. The man wanted it to so he tried to get it away by smacking it but he missed it and the pigeon went into his suitcase. The Pigeon pressed the buttons and it started to shoot the other people.  

Problem: The two problems were when the Pigeon went into the suitcase and started to press on all the buttons and it started to shot and blow up cars. The other problem was when Walter threw the donut up into the air and it came down and hit the button and the rocket appeared and it was going to Russia to kill everyone.

Solution:Walter solved the problem by stopping the rocket by shooting a little mini rocket out of the suitcase. He solved the other problem by running into the middle of the road and holding the donut up into the air and the suitcase stopped  and it came down slowly and the suitcase opened all by itself  and Walter came and slapped the pigeon out of the suitcase.       

Your opinion of the story: My opinion of this movie that it was amazing. My favorite part of this short film. Is when the pigeon went inside the suitcase because when it was shooting the other people and when it was running after the lady.

Your opinion of the story:

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