Friday, June 29, 2012

My Imagination Story.

On a lovely day I was still in bed and my dad came into my room and shouted in my ear “wake up and go and help your mum”. So I got up and went outside and I was still kind of sleepy. My mum shouted “go and grab a spade from the garage and dig a hole in the back yard”.

After I grabbed the spade I started to dig a hole and I dug and dug a massive hole. Suddenly the ground that I was standing on disappeared and I fell into this black hole and I was screaming while I was falling. I landed and I stood up. I was kind of scared because I was in a different world, a world called Grove Plant. Once I got up I heard footsteps coming closer and closer and then I saw him he was big and he was green. Also he said hello my name is hulk and I replayed back hello my name is Misiotei and then he opened up my hand gently and said take this and go back to your planet and make sure no one see this.And then he ran of.

Then I disappeared to the back of my back yard and and I  thought was this a dream or did this come for real then I opened up my hands and I saw there was the diamond that Hulk gave me. But I still remembered what he told me so I ran into my bedroom and I hid the diamond

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