Monday, June 4, 2012

Orienteering Week 1

On a lovely sunny day we had a man come into our class
with Miss Tui after morning tea to teach us about Orienteering. After Mr McGivern came in Miss Tui told us to come and sit on the mat and we all came and sat on the mat and we all had to be quiet. The man started to talk to me and the class and our teacher Miss Deeney about what we use in orienteering he told us how to use a clipper and who to punch it and he told us how to read a map.

After that Mr McGivern gave some of the room three students a letter on a yellow piece of paper with a number on it and they had to go and hid it somewhere inside the classroom. After that all of room three students had to go and find them. All of us got all the words and we wrote them onto our piece of paper and we got them all right. We had to go back to the mat and guess what it said but Mr McGivern told us to read it backwards and all of us saw that it said ‘have a nice day’.

Finally we got to go outside and play Orienteering with Mr McGivern. What we had to do was we had to run around in a circle and find the letters you have been given from Mr McGivern. We had to use the clipper and punch it and we all did it. On the way to class the bell just rang for morning tea and we went straight to morning tea and started to play again.

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Miss G said...

Great to see you sharing your experience of Orienteering with your blog audience. You are doing very well this term with your classroom work, it is great to see you breaking your writing up into paragraphs. Keep up the great effort.

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