Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Glitter Art.

We did some very awesome Kowhaiwhai patterns.
Rueben Paterson was the artist that inspired my teacher and my class to do this type of pattern.
I enjoyed putting the pastel onto my art because it was making my work cleaner.
I found doing the paint part the hardest because we had to paint it in the lines but not outside the lines and we were only allowed to use three colors and choose black or white.


sonya6djr54f said...

Hi Misiotei its me Sonya I love it how you describe how you have done you art. I like it how you said that We did some very awesome Kowhaiwhai patterns. Keep up the great work Misiotei.

Miss G said...

You have done very well with your Kowhaiwhai pattern Misiotei. The painting was hard with trying to do small detail with the brush, but you succeeded at producing a very clear design. The Maori inspiration is definitely evident here in your work.

Karen Ferguson said...

Hello Misiotei.
I love the work that you have. How did you decide which 3 colours that you were going to use? They look really good together.
Miss Ferguson ( Tamaki College )

Tracey Erasmus said...

Hi there Misiotei

Great work and evaluation of your work of art.
I think your pattern is very creative!

Mrs Erasmus (Pt England School)

Miss Morris (PBS) said...

Hi Misiotei,

I liked the colours you chose and the diamond patterning in your Kowhaiwhai design. Keep up your great artwork and maybe one day you will be a famous artist too.

Manaiakalani said...

Wow Misiotei, you are famous! To think that you shared this back in June 2012 and in January 2013 lots of people from different schools have discovered your work! How cool is that :)

Have another great year of learning

Mrs Burt

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