Friday, September 7, 2012

X Country

On a sunny Friday 24 August, X Country was set to happen at St Pius X Catholic School.

We all got changed into our clothes that we were going to run in and we got our water bottles and the whole school came and lined up on the courts, we sat in our ages.

We all watched the juniors run their course around the school and we were all cheering. The parents were cheering as well.The juniors all came back puffed out after their races.

When the juniors finished their course it was the seniors turn. We did not run around the school we ran around the streets. It started with the 13 year olds and also Mr Coakley ran. After when the 13 year olds took off the 12 year olds came up, then it kept on going on until it came up to the 10 year olds turn.

When I went to the line up where we had to start the race my feet were shaking and I was nervous. First we got to take a picture then we stood in line with the boys going first. Miss G said “on your mark, get set, go!” we all started off at a slow pace, we were jogging. We were running with our drink bottles and drinking it. We had to go around the course, some teachers were standing around the course with flags telling us the direction we had to go in. After that I had a pain on my hip then I knew it was a stitch. When I came up to the finish line I knew I  could not give up yet, so I ran around the court to the finish line and sat down in my age group. You then had to go to Mrs William if you came 1st, 2nd or 3rd and you would get a certificate.

I came 5th but I still felt proud of myself because I finished the race.

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