Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kids for Kids Concert

On a beautiful sunny day, Monday 17th of September 2012, we had the Kid’s for Kid’s Concert at the TelstraClear in Manukau. We had to go in the morning and put our lunch in the red box and take our bag and hang it up in the corridor way. We all went to the front of the office and we waited there for the bus to come. Once the bus came Miss G told us to go inside and find a seat to sit down. We all sat down and some people were not here so we waited then people started to come after five minutes we got onto the bus. When we were about to go we saw Justin walking on the path way then Miss G told the bus driver to stop for a second then Miss G got out of the bus and told Justin to run. Once justin got on we went, but then we realized on the way that the two twins were not on the bus so we thought that they were not going to come so we just went.

When we got there we were surprised that the two twins were there. We went inside the humongous theater and there were windows all over the place where you walk into. We got to take a seat but we had to put the seat down before we got to sat down and it was darker than outside. When we got on stage it was bright because all the lights went on and it was shining down on us.

When Suzanne Prentice walked in we all looked at her but I did not know her that well, the only thing that I knew was that she had a beautiful voice. Some of the people in my class already knew her from other Kids for Kids Concerts. She came and said “good morning children” and we said “good morning” back to her.

There were ten schools that were there. We started to sing the muppet show theme song, we were the ones that started it off. When we got to go to morning tea we all went back to our seat and we got our morning tea and ate it and some of us got to go to the toilet when we wanted to. When we came back went back on stage we continued singing our songs. We finally got up to the final song which was called talk to the animal’s and I was pleased it was finished because I was quite tired.

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jane said...

Well done Misiotei I really enjoy reading your writing. You really did enjoy your night there keep it up boy hahahaha....:)?

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