Thursday, December 5, 2013

Netbook Reflection

What it has been like using a netbook this year it has been cool because it has made my learning better cause we get to go online and search up stuff that we do not know of. And the only stink thing is that it has made my handwriting go worse because we do not write that much we do our work on a document. Also I like how we get to go onto golden time when we are good. Also we go on Xtra Maths to practise our basic facts also we go on Maths whizz. Maths Whizz helps us with different things they give us times table Measurement and heaps of other stuff. Also we get to take our netbooks home which is awesome and we get to do our homework that our teacher gives us we can do it online. It has been awesome using a netbook for 2 years because it is a better way to do our work for me.

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