Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 8.

In term two this year in week 8 we had our teacher Miss G go to Melbourne which is in Australia with 21 other teachers from different schools in our area. She left on Tuesday 3:30pm and she came back on Monday 1:30am. Miss G went there to learn how to make our school into a modern learning environment. 

While she was gone we stayed here with our relief teacher Mrs Denney. We had a lovely time with her, we got to make a cookie protector to protect the cookie from the cookie monster. Also we got to go out and have P.E with Mrs Denney. We played king ball and also we played cat and mouse, it was very fun. The best thing I did was the cookie protector because I got to work with a friend and we got to build anything we liked but as long as it could protect the cookie from the cookie monster. 

When Miss G came back she gave us all a koala from Australia.

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