Thursday, July 11, 2013

Term 2 thinking

My favourite thing in term two was swimming. I loved swimming because we got to have free time at the end if we were good. Also we had a instructor that taught us how to swim. Also we had to do a little test at the last day with the instructor. They tested us on how far we could swim and I swam two time around the pool.  

The least thing I hated this year was the fitness Circuit because it was very tiring and it got us sweaty. The other thing I hated football because it was kind of hard to dribble with the soccer ball with the side of your feet. The last thing I hated was the thinking key because we had to think a lot also the only fun thing was making the cookie protector to make the cookie safe from the cookie monster.

Next term I am looking forward to playing Rugby league and badminton because we had never played it together as a school.
also I am awesomely looking forward to the kids for kids concert because when I went last year it was really fun sitting on a bench on the stage with my class and with all the other classes.    

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