Thursday, June 27, 2013

Teddy Bear Description.


I am going to write a description about a Teddy Bear called Fuzzy.

Fuzzy is brown and he is very soft and fluffy and he is short but he is adorable too. Also he has a round nose just like a cute little puppy dog.
My friend Fuzzy is lazy, he does nothing because he is a toy just sitting there wearing a colorful bow tie but he is still kind of playful.
My sleeping friend Fuzzy is sort of like a baby, he is kind, he would like to sleep under a blanket with you, you would like it because he is very fluffy.
My best friend Fuzzy likes to act like a baby. He also likes to play with you but what he likes the most is to eat chocolate. What he doesn't like are dogs, dinosaurs, elephants, and pigs because he would definitely not want  to get eaten by them or by any other animal.
What makes my best friend Fuzzy special is that he has big fat fluffy ears and he is not like any other bear because he has something that other bears do not have. He is mine.

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