Saturday, June 15, 2013

Swimming Lessons

Two weeks ago we had our new Swimming pool arrive. For the first two days of swimming we did not go because there was something broken, so after that we got to swim. Our Teacher divided us into two groups, the groups were called group one and group two. I was in group one which most of the boys, group two had most of the girls. Our group was the group that always went swimming first.

We got changed into our swimming togs and we went over to the pool. We got there and we opened the gate and hung up our towels beside us on the gate. We got in, it was very warm and that was when I put on my goggles. We had to split up, one bunch of us went on to the other side in a corner and the other group were on the other side. We had to listen to the instructor or we would be kicked out. It was so exciting that the instructor had to tell us to quiet down so we did. The instructor’s name was Jillian and our other instructor was called Kevin.

We started off with simple lessons, we were practicing all kinds of stuff like how to glide. In order to glide you have to stretch out your arms up high behind your ears and you have to push off the side with your legs but you do not kick. We also learned how to float on our backs, but our belly button had to be up like a banana.

After our lessons we  got to have races. We had to get into groups of 3, I was with Patrick and Christopher. Jillian gave us numbers because when she called our number we had to race each other. She called another team then she called us. We all took off together and I ended up coming first, followed by Patrick and Christopher last. Finally we got to have free time at the end. Once we finished free time we had to get out because it was time for group two to have a turn.

My favourite part of being in the swimming pool was having free time because we got to do whatever we liked but we weren't allowed to do silly stuff.

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