Thursday, April 3, 2014

What College I want to go to.

27 March 2014

Selwyn College is one of the best schools around my area.

Firstly I know that selwyn College  has many talented students and it is a mixed up school with boys and girls.  

Secondly I want to participate with all sports and all people who wants to have fun with learning.

Thirdly One of my older brothers has attended selwyn but has finished in 2012 but my second to oldest brother is in selwyn.

Lastly I want to achieve my NCEA level one, two, and three. Thats why I think  Selwyn College will help me do it.

Conclusion, When I leave Saint Pius I hope that I show what I’ve learnt during class to the people at Selwyn.

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Christopher said...

Keep it up Misiotei i like how you wrote about your college your going to keep
the good work up.

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