Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Missing Baby

Once upon a time there was a family moving to a new house with their little baby. They all packed their stuff and they got ready to take off. They started taking all of their bags to the van and put some in the boot. They got in the van and started driving to their new house.

They were so happy that they forgot about the baby and left him at
the old house alone. The parents still kept on driving not noticing that the baby was not at the back seat. Once they got their new home they started to get all their furniture out and started to decorate their new house. Suddenly when they were going to have dinner they both said at the same time “where is our baby?”. The dad said “I think we left him at our old house”. They rushed  back and they saw the baby crying.

The mum got him and started crying and they went back and sat the baby down at the back seat of the car and they drove back to their new house and they sat the baby down at the table to have dinner
, sadly when they went to eat the food was cold. After that they did not have diner and they just went to the shops and bought something to eat.

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