Thursday, April 5, 2012


Oktapodi is a short film that was in Greece. All of room 3 watched Oktapodi because we wanted to share our opinion about it. In the movie the characters was the orange octopus and the pink octopus and the man driving the van.

In the story the orange octopus and the pink octopus were together. After that the pink octopus got taken away from the man and the man drove off with the pink octopus. Oktapodi ran after the pink octopus and went to the front window and the man saw him. The man tried to hit Oktapodi with his fist, but luckily he did not hit Oktapodi. After that they crashed and they both flew off the truck. After that they jumped into the water and they swam off then the man turned on the car and tried to catch them.  The orange octopus hang on to the rope and the pink one did the same. The man that was driving the truck went into the ocean  

I liked the movie because it was funny when the bird grabbed Oktapodi at the end.

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