Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hokulea Day.

On an lovely morning we got ready to go and welcome the Waka. Us seniors had to walk to Pt England and the Juniors got to catch a bus to Pt England. We started walking when the school bell rang.  When we arrived at the Pt England there were already schools from the cluster there.

When we got there  we sat  down. I was pleased that I got to sit down because I  was exhausted from the very long walk. When we sat down a lady  came to us and told us to etu which meant stand up in Maori. When we stood up we sang songs.

After we sang that song we sang the Waiata song. This song was the song Justin, Rachel, Pate and Lupe did the Haka. After that 3 students from Pt England, Got up and said a Speech.

We got the chance to shake the guests hands, it was a huge honour. We had to wait  for a while because Pt England school had a lot of children! When it was our turn we had to walk up and Hi Five the guests  but we fist bumped with some others.  

After that we were about to walk back to school until Mr Gaffney told us that there was a spear bus that we could go on. Then we had to walk back to the bus and we went back to school. Once we got to school we got to have our morning tea.    

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