Thursday, May 24, 2012

Howick Village Historical Trip

Wow! on a very funny weather day we went on a trip to Howick Historical Village. My favorite part was when we were playing the parlour games. We had to stand in two lines, one was for the girls and the other line was for the boys. We were waiting for Mrs Dodd to come and tell us to go inside the house. Once we got inside the house we had to sit down and wait for Mrs Dodd to come and split us up into two groups.

We all had to stand in the two teams that we were given. Our team was called the Lakers and Taiwan’s team was called the Dragons. The first game we played was the string game, what we had to do was we had to put the string above our head and try to make it go down to the bottom of our feet and pass it on to the next person. Everyone was jumping up and down to see who was going to win the first game. It ended up that we won the first game. In the second game we played ‘ball and neck’, Mrs Dodd gave us a ball each that we had to use. We had to put it under our chin and the other person had to get it off you with their chin. Some people were being immature because they had to get the ball off girls and boys had to get it off girls.

The last game we played was the blind-folded game. We had to put the blind fold on a person and make sure they couldn’t see. Mrs Dodd gave us a cushion to hold and we had to spin around in a circle and we had to drop the cushion in front of someone. We then had to sit down where-ever we put the cushion down and say “squeek piggy squeek”. The person behind them had to say something that sounded like a pig.

After the bell started to ring and that meant we had to go to lunch. Before we went to lunch we got to take a look around the humongous house, we had to follow Andrew. We first went to see the little rooms, then we went upstairs where I liked the most because we got higher and higher and Andrew frightened Savelio. We went back downstairs and we went outside and stood in two lines to go back to where we were eating to have lunch with everyone else.

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